Video and photo resources

There are many babywearing video and photo resources to be found online. Here I have handpicked some that I think are helpful. (note this is a work in progress – more resources will be added when I find them and ask permission to share!)

These videos and tutorials are used at your own risk. Please make sure you follow the TICKS safety guidelines, protect your baby’s airway and be aware of fall hazards at all times. If in any doubt seek face to face help from a local consultant.

Stretchy wrap and Close Caboo:

Close Caboo by Slinging Around (video)

Stretchy Wrap by Sheffield Sling Surgery (video)

Soft Structured Carriers:

Fastening and adjusting the connecting clip for front carries by ShowMe Slings (photo tutorial)

Using dual-adjustable straps by ShowMe Slings (photo tutorial)

Secure back carry with a SSC (“Walk like an Egyptian”) by Wrap You In Love (video)

Secure back carry with a SSC by Sheffield Sling Surgery (video)

Ring Slings:

Ring Sling Preparation and Newborn Tummy to Tummy Carry by Sheffield Sling Surgery (video)

Ring Sling Preparation and older child hip carry by Slingababy (video)


Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) the easy way by Slingababy (video)

Weight distribution for rucksack carry by ShowMe Slings (photo tutorial)

Weight distribution for double hammock (DH) carry by ShowMe slings (photo tutorial)

Chair Lift method for getting baby on the back (rucksack carry) by Baby Zauber (video)